Please Help us to Support our Community through the Santa Fe Children’s Museum


These past few years have been hard on kids and families. The pandemic has caused serious difficulties for young children — from mental health concerns to food shortages. Abuse and neglect are also a part of the crisis.

As Santa Fe’s only Museum serving children and families, we address these challenges on a day-to-day basis. But we can’t do it alone. We need friends and sponsors, too. 

That is where in the past you stepped in and gave immeasurable support. You made it possible to imagine and build a better world. A world where children are not at risk.

Your support, friend, has actually made miracles happen. For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

But today, we begin a year-end campaign, and again we ask for your support. The Children’s Museum, and the community as a whole, needs you. 

Your end-of-year gift will allow us to do the following:

Deliver 1,800 lbs of organic produce, from tomatoes to onions to squash, to children and families at local homeless shelters, all grown at the Children’s Museum Community Garden. 

Make 70 seasonal camp scholarships possible for children ages 5-8 who can’t afford to attend. 

Provide $140,000 in free and discounted admission to teachers, first responders, military, and families on food assistance.

Serve 7,000 children and teachers through our STEM-based field trips to low-income schools, which complement school curricula and reinforce skills needed for academic success. 

Expand our Grab and Go Kit Program, distributing 6,000 hands-on kits focusing on low-opportunity early childhood areas in New Mexico.

Launch our new Mobile Museum, a museum on wheels that will create access, broaden our reach, and help to serve rural and tribal areas throughout the State.

Provide a place away from work and home where parents and caregivers can spend quality time with their kids, learn something new and experience the luxury of becoming lost in the present moment as they play.

You may never know the names of the children and families you are helping, but, in truth, by helping us, you have saved lives.

Thank you for making it possible to give birth to miracles. 

With gratitude,

Rachele Griego, SFCM Board Member